U.S. Low on List of Best Places for Moms: Reports of Infant Mortality Rates Flawed?

Comparing infant mortality to other countries, may not be as accurate as we thought.  Photo by: Andrés Nieto Porras

The United States is low on the list of best places to give birth in a recent report, but infant mortality rate comparisons between nations is flawed due to differences in reporting.

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Pregnancy Conditions Indicate Risk of Diabetes Later in Life

Common pregnancy conditions can lead to having diabetes, which requires glucose monitoring and sometime medications. Photo by: PerPlex

If you have hypertension, preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you are at a dramatically-higher risk of developing diabetes later in life.

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High Birth Weight Babies: Racial Risk Factors For Having a Large Baby

Although there are risk factors that can contribute to large babies, sometimes there isn't a reason as to why some babies are born larger. Photo by: Karen Lefebvre

Larger babies are more likely to have blood sugar problems or experience injuries during birth. Are you at risk for having a high birth weight baby?

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Birth Month, Low Vitamin D Intake Associated with Multiple Sclerosis


A new study shows that your baby’s birth month affects his or her risk of developing MS later; higher risks are due to Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.

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Cesarean Section Rates: C-Section is Major Abdominal Surgery

C-sections can be a life-saving procedure; however, it is often over used. Photo by:

Rates for C-sections, a potentially life-saving procedure, are increasing despite the many risks to both mom and baby.

Bariatric Surgery Helps Moms Give Birth to Healthier Babies

newborn baby

A new study shows that bariatric surgery for weight loss results in women wishing to become pregnant results in healthier babies after Mom loses weight.

Could Vitamin C Help Protect Health of Unborn Babies With Smoking Moms?

Can you mitigate the dangers of smoking while pregnant with Vitamin C? Image by 2happy

Pregnant and smoking? Quitting is best, but if you can’t stop, a new study shows that vitamin C may help reduce the risks to your baby.

Stillbirth Causes and Risk Factors: New Studies Shed Light


New research outlines the various risk factors and causes of stillbirth, as researchers recommend actions to prevent stillbirth in some.

BPA During Pregnancy Linked to Toddler Behavior Problems

BPA-free baby bottles

What happens if you’re exposed to BPA during pregnancy? A new study links toddler emotional problems to Bisphenol A exposure before birth.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: It’s More Than ‘Just’ Morning Sickness

Please don't tell a woman with hyperemesis to just have a cracker - this condition is more serious than morning sickness! Image by Ivanamos

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion, but hyperemesis gravidarum, often requiring hospitalization and IV fluids, is more than ‘morning sickness.’

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