Sleeping With Your Baby Encourages Breastfeeding: Is Bed-Sharing Safe?

Research has linked co-sleeping to a longer duration of breastfeeding. Image by Karpati Gabor

Research shows breastfeeding dramatically reduces SIDS risks, and now that co-sleeping helps moms nurse their babies longer – but is it safe to share a bed?

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What Does The Umbilical Cord Connect To? All About the BellyButton

A baby's umbilical cord is more complex than you'd think! Image by Gray's Anatomy.

Ever wanted to know what your bellybutton is for? What happens in the umbilical cord before and after the baby is born? It’s all connected to the placenta.

Midwife-Led Care Benefits Mothers and Babies, Study Says

Best prenatal care may be provided by midwives, says a recent study. Photo by grietgriet.

Midwife or physician? Midwife-led care may be more beneficial to the expectant mother during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care, says a recent study.

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Induced Labor: Does Exposure to Pitocin Increase Your Baby’s Risk for Autism?

Autism rates from 1996 to 2007 skyrocketed. This image shows the amount of U.S. residential children ages 6-17 diagnosed with autism (out of every 1000 children).

A recent study links augmented or induced labor with the later development of autism – what’s causing kids to develop differently after exposure to pitocin?

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Anemia in Pregnancy: Preventing Low Iron Levels for a Healthy Baby

Anemia in pregnancy can be prevented with iron and folic acid supplements and an iron-rich diet. Image by mahalie stackpole.

New anemia protocol? A new study finds you may be able to prevent low iron levels in pregnancy with twice-weekly iron supplements, instead of a daily pill.

When Should You Cut the Cord? Delayed Umbilical Clamping Benefits

Delayed cord clamping provides many benefits to your baby - even when it's only a few seconds more. Photo by just4you, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Does delaying umbilical cord clamping endanger the mother? Research shows that delay when cutting the cord benefits the baby and doesn’t harm the mom.

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Can I Still Be Pregnant if I Had My Period?

Home pregnancy tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

Your period is late, and then you have a light flow – but something doesn’t seem quite right. Could you be pregnant, even though your monthly cycle started?

Gestational Diabetes–If You Have it Once Will You Have It Again?

If you are in a high-risk category for gestational diabetes, test your blood glucose frequently. Image by michaelaw

If you’ve had gestational diabetes before, you’re at a greater risk of developing high blood sugar in subsequent pregnancies. Can lifestyle changes help?

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Gestational Diabetes Test in Early Pregnancy: Biomarkers Show GDM Risk

With testing for biomarkers that indicate the risk of developing high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, early prenatal care is more important than ever. Image by Decoded Pregnancy.

Although this new biomarker test cannot diagnose gestational diabetes in the first trimester, it may lead to early intervention and prevention of complications.

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Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Testing in Pregnancy: Will You Be High Risk?


Controversies surrounding testing approaches to gestational diabetes may double the number of high risk pregnancies. Have you had a glucose tolerance test yet?

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