Baby is Kicking and Moving and Beating Up Mom. What Can Mom Do To Get Comfortable

Changing your diet can help with baby bruisers! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Changing your diet can help with baby bruisers! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

“One of my daughter’s friends is due in three weeks. The baby is kicking and moving around and really beating her up–she can’t get comfortable at all. What can she do?”

It is not uncommon for a mom to feel uncomfortable during the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Pregnancy discomforts are nature’s way of preparing us for labor. The fear of labor often then turns into, “I am ready to get this baby out of me!” – once discomforts of pregnancy almost seem too much for mom to handle.

My first suggestion for your daughter’s friend would be to ask her if this has been typical behavior for baby throughout her pregnancy.  Often, during the last months of pregnancy, baby’s movement will decrease and not increase, because baby has less room to move.

If the baby has been a little football player throughout the pregnancy, chances are there is nothing to worry about, but if the frequency of baby’s movement has changed significantly, I suggest discussing it with your caregiver.

Either a significant increase or decrease in movement can be an indication of fetal distress, so if mom feels uncomfortable with baby’s movement, a caregiver will mostly like order an ultrasound to check and see if baby is doing alright.

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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Once we rule out fetal distress and have deemed baby as very active, there are a few things that mom can try to help calm baby down. Similar to the way a child on the outside of the womb can become overactive with the consumption of sugar and artificial dyes, so can a child in the womb get antsy when the mother consumes large amounts of these same foods. Have mom decrease or omit refined sugar from her diet – try these options to calm down an overactive baby:

  • Replace fruits with vegetables except once or twice a day
  • Drink water instead of fruit juice
  • Omit processed foods which contain high amounts of refined sugars
  • Avoid artificial dyes
  • Avoid processed sugars

It also might be helpful to look at mom’s caffeine intake. Make sure mom is not drinking coffee, or soda because of caffeine and sugar – or any other caffeinated teas or beverages. She should also eliminate chocolate due the high caffeine content – the caffeine can cause the baby to be overactive.

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