Baby is Kicking and Moving and Beating Up Mom. What Can Mom Do To Get Comfortable

Relax with a cup of decaf tea, and your baby might calm down too! Image by debsch

Relax with a cup of decaf tea, and your baby might calm down too! Image by debsch

Fetal Positioning

The positioning of baby can also make a big difference in how much mom feels movement. Have her try getting on her hands and knees when she feels the kicks most severely, a gentle rocking motion back and forth may calm baby or put baby to sleep. She could also try taking a walk in the park or a swim in the pool. The rocking motion caused by the walk or the water can soothe baby.  Practicing Yoga or a similar discipline can also help mom to find positions that might make her more comfortable, calm her and even as a bonus, prepare her for labor.

Pregnancy Stress: Calming Mom

If mom is stressed and overworked, baby may also feel much of that stress. ¬†Helping to calm mom down may be helpful in helping baby calm down as well. Lavender essential oil is safe for pregnancy, so she can use it to help release her anxiety and stress. ¬†Lavender oil can effective when diffused throughout a room, or sprinkled on her pillow at night. It can also be helpful to dilute the lavender oil in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or avocado oil, and rub it on mom’s feet and down her spine.

When Baby Kicks A Lot

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be uncomfortable, but they won’t last forever. With a few relaxation techniques, some essential oils, and possibly some dietary changes, you may be able to calm down your baby, and yourself – and help your baby stop beating you up from the inside out!

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