Can I Still Be Pregnant if I Had My Period?

Home pregnancy tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

Home pregnancy tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

“For the past 3 months, my period has came between the 1st-6 th but this month it was 1 week and 3 days late and now my period just came yesterday. Could i still be pregnant? I feel bloated all the time. When i eat i get full but i still have to eat something else within 5 minutes.”


Am I Pregnant?

Most women have menstrual cycles that are 21 or 28 days in length, from the first day of one period to the first day of the next, so you can’t expect your period to occur on the same day every month.

A period that is 10 days late could indicate pregnancy; a pregnancy test would confirm your condition in that case.

Occasionally, false negatives occur in urine tests but your doctor can order a blood test that will give accurate results.

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Also, spotting or a light, short period of bleeding at about the time your regular period is due may be a normal indication of implantation of the fertilized egg in the bed of your uterine wall. That might explain why your “period” started yesterday, and yes, you could still be pregnant.

Pregnancy Loss

Keep in mind that a significant number, possibly as many as 40%, of pregnancies are not viable. Pregnancy loss, or spontaneous abortion, most often occurs 6 to 9 weeks after conception, so that many women do not even realize they were pregnant.

Some signs and symptoms of early pregnancy loss are cramping and heavy bleeding with blood clots. Another possible, but not common, scenario is a multiple pregnancy and the loss of a twin in the early weeks of gestation. In that case, you would miss your period, have unexplained bleeding, and still be pregnant. An ultrasound exam would confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy and perhaps show an empty sac left behind by the non-viable twin.

Nausea in Early Pregnancy

While nausea may be a symptom caused by the hormones of early gestation, your report of feeling hungry and bloated are not specific to pregnancy. You may be able to find others who report an appetite increase they associate with finding out that they were expecting, but such stories are considered anecdotal.


Are You Pregnant?

The best course of action to determine whether or not you are pregnant is to visit a family care clinic in your neighborhood, or your own doctor. Where I live, family care clinics provide free pregnancy tests and free vitamins and prenatal care if the results are positive. They can also help with education and counseling for all the ups and downs of starting a new family.

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