Factors That May Influence Your Pregnancy Due Date

Were you born a big baby? Your pregnancy may last a little longer than other women. Image by Karpato Gabor.

Many factors in your life may influence your due date when you’re pregnant – and healthy pregnancy length can vary more widely than doctors expected.

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My Baby is Breech; How Can I Get Her to Turn?

Keep your chin up - baby may raise his too.  Image by earl53

If your baby is head-down, don’t worry: She’ll probably turn on her own. If you want to help, try these at-home techniques for avoiding a breech birth.

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Probability of Ectopic Pregnancy: The Math Behind Atypical Implantation

Ectopic Pregnanacy drawing by de Graaf, image by Ekem via Wikimedia Commons

What’s your risk of having an ectopic pregnancy? Your probability of atypical pregnancy depends on a number of risk factors. Want to know? Math can help.

Can I Still Be Pregnant if I Had My Period?

Home pregnancy tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

Your period is late, and then you have a light flow – but something doesn’t seem quite right. Could you be pregnant, even though your monthly cycle started?

Baby is Kicking and Moving and Beating Up Mom. What Can Mom Do To Get Comfortable

Changing your diet can help with baby bruisers! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Late in pregnancy, babies can kick pretty hard. First, check with your caregiver, but what can you do if your healthy little one won’t let you rest?

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Pregnancy Week Three – What Happens When You’re 3 Weeks Pregnant?

Is the embryo going to be a boy or a girl? It'll be a while before you even find out you're pregnant, and even longer before you will know for sure what gender the baby will be! Image by kikashi

The third week of pregnancy is when the baby starts implanting in your uterus; he or she is no longer a zygote, but now officially an embryo!

Pregnancy Week Two – What Happens in The 2nd Week?

In the second week of 'pregnancy' you ovulate, and your egg is fertilized, this is the beginning of your baby's life!

In the second week of ‘pregnancy’ you ovulate, and your egg is fertilized, this is the beginning of your baby’s life!

Pregnancy Week One – 1st Week

This is a Graafian Follicle on a human Ovary - you'll be ovulating soon, which means pregnancy is right around the corner. Image by wellcome

What is happening in your body during the first week of pregnancy as calculated by doctors? Your uterus is getting ready to be pregnant.