Baby is Kicking and Moving and Beating Up Mom. What Can Mom Do To Get Comfortable

Changing your diet can help with baby bruisers! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Late in pregnancy, babies can kick pretty hard. First, check with your caregiver, but what can you do if your healthy little one won’t let you rest?

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Epidurals: Does it Hurt to Get an IV in Your Back?

Ready for your epidural? Here's what to expect. Photo of IV catheters by Intropin, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Epidurals are a common and effective form of childbirth pain relief – make sure you know what to expect in advance so you’re ready for the anesthesiologist.

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Delayed Cord Clamping in Newborn Babies: Is it Safe?

This cord has stopped pulsing completely, before being cut. My new baby niece - photo by Angela England

There are both benefits and risks to delayed cord clamping. Why wait, and why would you want to make sure you discuss this with your doctor or midwife?

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Newly Pregnant: Pregnancy Test Questions and Answers

pregnancy test

Congratulations! A line is a line and you can’t be halfway pregnant. While there are very rare conditions that can mimic pregnancy hormones, a positive (even faintly positive) pregnancy test, especially when combined with other signs and symptoms of pregnancy, is a good sign! A home pregnancy test will measure the level of the pregnancy […]