TCM: The Gentle Approach to Infertility Treatment

There are many causes of infertility, each of which must be treated in a different way; image courtesy of  Mikael Häggström

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient, respected practice for families trying to conceive. Can TCM treat infertility issues in men and women?

Conception the Ancient Roman Way

getting pregnant ancient rome

Throughout history, women and men have been trying to find ways to conceive more easily. When in Ancient Rome, advice for getting pregnant varied widely.

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The Probability of Becoming Pregnant with Twins

Twin Girls : image by Ruth L

Think you might be pregnant with twins? Check out your chances according to the math: your probability of multiple birth increases based on several factors.

Chances of Getting Pregnant: Math Estimates the Answers

Months for Pregnancy Calculator via Spreadsheet : image by Mike DeHaan

When you’re trying to conceive, your monthly cycles can seem to last forever. A little math and statistical probability can help you pass the time.

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