Symptoms of Pregnancy – How Can I Tell if I’m Pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

Do you have pregnancy symptoms? Home tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

Of course one of the surest signs of pregnancy is a blood test, but most women know before that whether they are pregnant or not. Here are some of the most common signs of pregnancy you may experience.

Classic Symptoms of Pregnancy

Missed Period or Menstrual Cycle – This is the obvious sign of pregnancy that can sometimes be the first definitive clue that you’re pregnant. Most pregnancy tests will register a pregnancy by the time a you realize your period is late.

Sore or Tender Breasts – This is another early symptom of pregnancy you may notice before the tests come back positive. Your breasts become tender as a result of the pregnancy hormones which begin even before a missed period.

Feeling Tired and Fatigued – Another classic sign of pregnancy, strong fatigue can surprise women. Sometimes it’s a bone-deep, wrenching fatigue, but it usually passes fairly quickly.

Unusual Signs of Pregnancy

Sometimes the symptoms of pregnancy are unusual or catch us off guard. Be prepared for any of these less-common signals that you may be pregnant.

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Food Cravings or Aversions – These changes in taste can happen almost immediately. In fact, during one of my pregnancies, I realized I was pregnant when cooking hamburgers turned my stomach – even though I wasn’t even late for my period yet.

Stomach Upsets, Nausea and Morning Sickness – It’s common in early pregnancy for women to feel sick to their stomach. For some this can begin as early as week 2 – much sooner than many women realize.

Back Aches and Pains – Another surprising symptom that appears in early pregnancy sometimes is low back or hip pain. As the uterus begins to grow, it can put a strain on the lower back. Later this can ease a bit as the uterus is big enough to be supported by the pelvic bones, but for now it’s easy for the back to be strained.

Spotting from Implantation Bleeding – Sometimes women feel some cramping, and have some slight spotting and bleeding when the embryo implants into the wall of the uterus. Since this often happens around the time of a missed period, it can fool you, so watch for other symptoms!

Mood Swings – Sometimes the hormone rush can begin sooner than women realize. One little-known symptom of early pregnancy is mood swings – something that you may pass off as PMS until you notice a missed cycle.

Pregnancy Symptoms: You Won’t Know For Sure Until You Test

None of these symptoms individually are conclusive for a pregnancy. However, taken together, several of these at the same time can be very strong indicators of pregnancy.

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