Top 5 Methods of Childbirth Education – Which Classes are Right for You?

Choose a birth method and start attending classes early, so you can be ready before you get to the maternity ward! Image by jynmeyer

Are you searching for just the right birth method? Some of the top methods of childbirth education classes include Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, and the Bradley Method.

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Choosing a Childbirth Class: Childbirth and Labor Preparation

Ask lots of questions before you choose a childbirth class to make sure it will be the right learning environment for you. Image by Nota

Even though most pregnant moms take childbirth classes, they may know little about the class before they sign up. Make sure you know what questions to ask before you commit to a class.

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Technology and Pregnancy: Contraction Apps and Their Limitations

Labor contraction apps pros and cons

In a world of technology, there are changes in pregnancy care. Smartphone and tablet apps for timing contractions abound but are they worth using?

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