Your Questions Answered: Is Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Program Right for You?

Is Hypnobabies the right pain relief choice for your labor experience? Logo courtesy of Hypnobabies.

Is Hypnobabies the right pain relief choice for your labor experience? Logo courtesy of Hypnobabies.

Hypnobabies classes provide a well-rounded education for new moms – but some new families aren’t committed to the method – it does take work and practice!
Would you say that every pregnant mother is a good candidate for the program or are there some exceptions? 

Any expectant mother who wants to enjoy her baby’s birth, by alleviating the fear that our culture creates surrounding childbirth and replacing that fear with confidence, knowledge and hypnosis tools to create an easier, more comfortable birth experience is a good candidate. Let’s qualify that first statement further by saying, any mother who is willing to make the commitment to learn the program as outlined in the course materials, and practice the hypnosis techniques to enhance their effects, and who is determined to use them during her baby’s birthing, is a good candidate for Hypnobabies. Also, any woman who wants to give her baby the gift of a peaceful, gentle birth and wants to do so in comfort without medications, is a good candidate for Hypnobabies.

That said, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis isn’t for everyone. Some people may have misconceptions about self-hypnosis and how it works, and they might even have a fear of hypnosis. The expectant mother who has fears about hypnosis wouldn’t be a good candidate since her fear of hypnosis would impact her ability to do the program. Also, if a mother doesn’t understand and accept that learning self-hypnosis techniques to create easier and more comfortable births, requires repetitive daily practice to enhance the effects, or if she isn’t willing to put in the time and effort, then she wouldn’t be a good candidate for Hypnobabies.

What is one thing every pregnant woman should know about Hypnobabies? 

In our culture, which conditions a woman to believe that birth is the worst pain a human being can experience, most expectant mothers believe that they have one of two options for birth:
(1) to “get the epidural” and eliminate the pain and all sensation, or 
(2) to have a natural birth to experience all the sensation and endure the inevitable pain. 
Women often make this choice without having done the research necessary to make an informed decision. Hypnobabies believes that expectant mothers aren’t getting all the information they need even when they ask for it. A 33% cesarean rate in the U.S., is testament to our belief. One in three mothers cannot be ‘broken’ and unable to give birth to their babies vaginally. Something doesn’t add up. So …The one thing I would like every pregnant woman to know about Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis is that Hypnobabies offers a third option; to experience all the sensation of an easier, more comfortable birth experience, without the potential side effects from medications.

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We’ve already explained that a Hypnobabies mother learns self-hypnosis techniques to create hypno-anesthesia and physical comfort, and we shared that her Birth Partner learns cue words and deepening techniques to assist her during childbirth. It’s also important to know, that since the majority of Hypnobabies moms achieve their goal of a natural birth, they avoid the potential risks from medications or interventions for themselves and their babies.

Having Your Baby Doesn’t Have to Be Traumatic

Childbirth is a rite of passage that every mother gets to experience before her life is changed forever. When a mother experiences a feeling of success in childbirth it can prepare her to bond more quickly with her baby which will decrease her chance of experiencing postpartum depression and will also speed her recovery. Hypnobabies can be a beautiful way to help your child gently enter the world if you feel as though the program is right for you.

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