WomanLog Calendar: Tracking Your Ovulation Cycle for Fertility

Other forms of fertility tracking may work better for some women. Image by Alvimann.

Need a good way to track your cycle? The WomanLog Calender does it for you, but be aware: Most, if not all fertility apps have faults and inconsistencies.

Wearable Technology During Pregnancy: Using a Doppler to Hear the Heartbeat

Would you like to hear the baby's heartbeat at home? Image by Oddharmonic

Looking for a way to share your baby’s heartbeat with your family, not just at the OB? Dopplers are easy and affordable but remember, they have limitations.

Week by Week Baby Development Pregnancy Apps For Your Smartphone

Use your phone to track the development of your baby. Image by digitpedia

Want to track your baby’s development no matter where you are? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are several pregnancy apps for week-by-week details.

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Technology and Documenting Pregnancies: Journal Apps for Smartphones

Document your pregnancy without carrying a book around. Image by Walt Stoneburner

If you have a smartphone, and you’re pregnant, do you have a pregnancy journal app? They’re free, and easy to use, but there are a few drawbacks.

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Technology and Pregnancy: Contraction Apps and Their Limitations

Labor contraction apps pros and cons

In a world of technology, there are changes in pregnancy care. Smartphone and tablet apps for timing contractions abound but are they worth using?

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