Pain Medications During Pregnancy: Safe and Unsafe Drugs

Some pain relief medications are safe for consumption during pregnancy - while others are not. Check with your obstetrician to find out what medications are safe. Image by foxumon.

Are you pregnant, and on pain medication? Ask your doctor if these meds are safe for you and your baby during your pregnancy before continuing to take them.

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Vaccines When You’re Pregnant: A Tdap Every Pregnancy?

Are vaccines during pregnancy safe? Should you get another Tdap? Image by zeathiel

Even if you’ve already had a Tdap, if you’re pregnant your doctor may recommend a booster. What is the Tdap, anyway, and why vaccinate during pregnancy?

Will Medication in Pregnancy Hurt My Baby? Pregnant on Antidepressants

What pills are safe during pregnancy? Image by ppdigital

Paxil in pregnancy: Is it a problem? What about other antidepressant medication? Therapy may be better than drugs for mild symptoms, so talk to your doctor.

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Can You Eat Vegan While Pregnant? Meat and Dairy-Free Diet During Pregnancy


You can maintain a vegan diet while pregnant, with prenatal vitamins and/or dietary changes. Check with your doctor for tips, and try this sample menu plan.

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