Swelling During Pregnancy: Dangerous or Normal?

If you're pregnant, you've probably got swollen ankles. Swelling isn't always a reason to worry, but pitting edema is - call your health care provider if you're worried. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience swelling. In most cases, some puffiness is normal, but sometimes it is a sign of a more serious condition called preeclampsia

Coping With Labor Without Medication: How Hard Is It?

It sounds intimidating, but you can make it through labor without trauma or medication. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

When you commit to having a baby without medication, make sure to plan your natural pain relief methods before you go into labor.

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What are the Stages of Labor? First, Second, and Third Stages Explained

After labor is over, it's time to adore your new baby! Image by iferrero

Ready to have your baby? Better prepare for the first, second, and third stages of labor – you may enjoy childbirth more if you know what’s coming.

What is Early Induction and When Should I Avoid it?

You're ready to have your baby - but will the baby benefit from early induction? Image by simmbarb

Early induction takes place before 39 weeks gestational age. There’s a growing trend of inducing women in week 37 and 38 – what are the risks?

Early Labor Signs: How Do You Know When You’ve Started Early First Stage Labor?

early labor signs

Early labor signs may not be immediately obvious. When you know what to look for, it’s easier to tell when you’re in the first stages of having your baby.

Delayed Cord Clamping in Newborn Babies: Is it Safe?

This cord has stopped pulsing completely, before being cut. My new baby niece - photo by Angela England

There are both benefits and risks to delayed cord clamping. Why wait, and why would you want to make sure you discuss this with your doctor or midwife?

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Tips for Managing Early Labor: Before Active Labor Starts

Showers during labor can be soothing to a pregnant mom. Image by Tallia22

Expectant moms in early labor can be uncomfortable and worried. Partners, doulas, and family members can help by distracting her, and keeping her comfortable.

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Pregnancy Week Three – What Happens When You’re 3 Weeks Pregnant?

Is the embryo going to be a boy or a girl? It'll be a while before you even find out you're pregnant, and even longer before you will know for sure what gender the baby will be! Image by kikashi

The third week of pregnancy is when the baby starts implanting in your uterus; he or she is no longer a zygote, but now officially an embryo!

Pregnancy Week Two – What Happens in The 2nd Week?

In the second week of 'pregnancy' you ovulate, and your egg is fertilized, this is the beginning of your baby's life!

In the second week of ‘pregnancy’ you ovulate, and your egg is fertilized, this is the beginning of your baby’s life!

Pregnancy Week One – 1st Week

This is a Graafian Follicle on a human Ovary - you'll be ovulating soon, which means pregnancy is right around the corner. Image by wellcome

What is happening in your body during the first week of pregnancy as calculated by doctors? Your uterus is getting ready to be pregnant.