The Emotional Impact of Baby-Naming Then and Now

Flower Names Go In and Out of Fashion. Image by Janet Cameron

Your little one’s name can affect her throughout her life. Why are some baby names more popular than others, and why do some fall out of fashion entirely?

Humorous and Uplifting Quotations on the Joy of Becoming a Parent

You're pregnant - this is no time to lose your sense of humor! Look forward to your new role as a parent with these quotes from classic literature as well as contemporary minds. Image by greyerbaby

Pregnancy is no time to lose your sense of humor! Take a moment to reflect while you’re still pregnant, and enjoy these quotes from great minds.

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Baby Name Ideas from the British Bard

Statue of Shakespeare

It’s time to pick a name for your boy or girl. If you want something a little different, why not go to the Bard, Shakespeare, for literary baby names that offer romance, flair, and style?