Janine Kelbach: Labor and Delivery

About Janine Kelbach: Labor and Delivery

Janine Kelbach is a Registered Nurse. She has been an RN for 7 years and has been in OB a total of 11 years. High Risk Labor and Delivery is her certification (RNC), but she works as an assistant manager in a Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) unit. A small amount of her responsibilities are to train new nurses, triage and telephone triage patients, deliver patients, scrub in the operating room, and assist in the special care nursery.

5 Tips To Make Labor Easier: From Your Home to Your Hospital Room

How can you make your labor and delivery experience easier? Follow these five simple tips. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Know what to expect before going to labor and delivery – get prepared with these 5 tips, and enjoy your birth experience more when the time comes.

Bye Bye Ice Chips, Hello Chocolate Shake in Labor!

Need water, food, anything?! Ask your doc if you can have a protein shake - new studies show they're just as safe as those accursed ice chips. Image design by Decoded Pregnancy. Original Image by al lanni. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Great_Sand_Sea_-_Desert.jpg

During labor, you’ll likely be hungry, thirsty, and tired. A protein shake could help; new research shows that the shakes are as safe as ice chips – and much more satisfying.

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Epidurals: Does it Hurt to Get an IV in Your Back?

Ready for your epidural? Here's what to expect. Photo of IV catheters by Intropin, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Epidurals are a common and effective form of childbirth pain relief – make sure you know what to expect in advance so you’re ready for the anesthesiologist.

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Pain Tolerance: Know How Much You Can Take, And Have A Plan!

If you know what you're in for, labor won't be as stressful. Photo by hamletnc, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

The pain you experience during labor depends on many factors, including your stress level and personal tolerance. Have a pain management plan just in case.

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Maternity Hospital Tours: Top 10 Questions to Ask


Not sure what questions to ask when you go on your hospital tour to labor and delivery? These are the top ten questions, from a nurse’s perspective.

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No Pain, No Gain: Pain Medication In the Birthing Unit After the Baby

What medication should you take for pain after your baby's born? Ask your caregiver for recommendations. Image by ezran

In the postpartum period – the time immediately after you have your baby – you will be in pain. What medications should you take, and how do you get them?

Who Can Visit You When You’re In Labor? Hospital Visitation Policies

Who will be with you once you've had your baby? Hospital visitor policies differ, so find out before you go into labor. Image by babykrul

Ready to have your baby? Make sure that your hospital’s visitor policies are in line with your birth plan,and you’re ready to get some rest after labor.

Risks of Eating and Drinking During Labor: Hamburgers vs. Ice Chips

Is this a good choice for a snack before going to the hospital? Probably not. Image by lockstockb

Can I eat during labor? You may be hungry, but if you’re undergoing a planned C-section, or you’re in active labor, stick to ice chips, for your own sake.

Single Mom In Labor: Are You Pregnant Without a Partner?

Single and pregnant is daunting, but going into labor alone can be downright scary. Your labor nurse is there to help you through your delivery - whether you've got a partner or not. Image by bluebetty.

If you’re pregnant and single, what will you do during childbirth? Choosing a support person is ideal. If not, your labor nurse will be there to help you.

Having Contractions Means I’m In Labor, Right? Not Necessarily

Cervical dilation is the true sign labor is in progress. Photo courtesy of Janine Kelbach.

When you think you’re in labor, you may rush to the hospital only to be sent back home. Nurses check to see if you’re ready to have your baby with a cervical exam.

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