Mary Earhart: Pregnancy, Childbirth

About Mary Earhart: Pregnancy, Childbirth

A graduate of CSU Domingues Hills BSN program, Mary Earhart is a practicing Licensed Midwife and Public Health Nurse in Southern California. She has worked in hospitals, alternative prison programs, and developed an award-winning perinatal program for a large drug and alcohol treatment center. Her writing has appeared in professional journals and she is the author of For Generations, a kindle ebook. Currently a prenatal care clinician, nursing educator and homebirth midwife, she loves researching and teaching about maternal child health. She grows sprouts and has seven adult children. Eleven of her 13 grandchildren were born at home.

What’s So Great About Home Birth?

Noah relaxes in the tub. Copyright image courtesy of Joanna Boles Whitlow, used with permission. All rights reserved.

A home birth, with a midwife and doula in attendance, can be a very different experience from laboring in a hospital. Here’s one young couple’s story.

How Serious is a Bladder Infection During Pregnancy, and How Did I Get It?


Bladder infections, during pregnancy can have serious consequences. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection, UTI, see your caregiver.

Common Pesticides May Increase Autism Risk Near Farms

Is it dangerous to live too close to a farm? Image by Sgarton

New research shows a link between common pesticides and autism in children whose mothers live within one mile of non-organic farms.

Organisms Living in the Placenta May influence Pregnancy Outcomes

A probiotic-rich diet may improve the health of your placenta. Image by Decoded Pregnancy, all rights reserved

Rather than being sterile, the placenta serves as a microbiome that may strengthen the baby’s health or help lead to preterm labor.

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy: Alcohol, Opiates and Meth–Will My Drug Addiction Hurt My Baby?

Get the help you need now, and your baby will thank you later. Image by Decoded Pregnancy, all rights reserved.

Expectant mothers who suffer from drug and/or alcohol dependency can seek treatment for their addiction, benefiting both mother and unborn child.

Planning Your Homebirth: What You Should Know About Safety

The number of homebirths is increasing - have you thought through the implications of having a baby at home? Image by Decoded Pregnancy, all rights reserved

A new study shows that planned homebirths can be safe experiences that allows women many options as they welcome new babies into the world.

Factors That May Influence Your Pregnancy Due Date

Were you born a big baby? Your pregnancy may last a little longer than other women. Image by Karpato Gabor.

Many factors in your life may influence your due date when you’re pregnant – and healthy pregnancy length can vary more widely than doctors expected.

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I Feel Dizzy, Is this Normal? Faintness in Early Pregnancy

Don't ignore dizziness if it's worrying you or if it won't go away. Ask your caregiver about any symptoms that seem not-quite-right. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

It’s normal to feel a little dizzy in early pregnancy, and some women even learn they’re pregnant because of this symptom. Are you feeling lightheaded?

My Baby is Breech; How Can I Get Her to Turn?

Keep your chin up - baby may raise his too.  Image by earl53

If your baby is head-down, don’t worry: She’ll probably turn on her own. If you want to help, try these at-home techniques for avoiding a breech birth.

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Causing Contractions at Home: How Can I Get Labor Started?

It's tough to wait for your baby - if your caregiver gives the OK, try to start things up at home. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Yes, there are real ways to start labor when you’re tired of being pregnant, and ready for baby to come. Just make sure your body is ready to give birth.

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