Probability of Ectopic Pregnancy: The Math Behind Atypical Implantation

Ectopic Pregnanacy drawing by de Graaf, image by Ekem via Wikimedia Commons

What’s your risk of having an ectopic pregnancy? Your probability of atypical pregnancy depends on a number of risk factors. Want to know? Math can help.

Calculate Embryonic Age vs Gestational Age: Pregnancy Math

How far along are you? Math can tell you, if your doctor hasn't already. Image by Decoded Pregnancy, all rights reserved

Can you use Naegele’s Rule to predict when your baby will be born? Use math to calculate Baby’s embryonic and gestational age, to see how far along you are.

The Probability of Becoming Pregnant with Twins

Twin Girls : image by Ruth L

Think you might be pregnant with twins? Check out your chances according to the math: your probability of multiple birth increases based on several factors.

Chances of Getting Pregnant: Math Estimates the Answers

Months for Pregnancy Calculator via Spreadsheet : image by Mike DeHaan

When you’re trying to conceive, your monthly cycles can seem to last forever. A little math and statistical probability can help you pass the time.

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How Tall Will Your Baby Be When He Grows Up? Calculating Height Early

Will your baby grow up to be tall or short? Image by roxinasz

Can you use math to determine whether your baby will be tall or short when she grows up? A few simple calculations may indicate your child’s future height.

Will I Have a Boy or a Girl? Predicting Your Baby’s Gender

Having a boy or a girl?

When you’re first pregnant, you may wonder whether you should be decorating in pink or blue. According to math, your chances of having a boy vs. girl are just about even.

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What Eye Color Will My Baby Have? Math For Pregnancy Prediction

What color will your baby's eyes be? Image by Mike DeHaan

How can you tell what color eyes your baby will have? Use math to calculate the chances of blue, brown, green or hazel eyes, based on genetics – it’s easier than you think!