Brighten Your Pregnancy with Citrus Oils: Aromatherapy


What are the benefits of using citrus oils during pregnancy? Lime, lemon and orange oil can help pregnant mothers with digestion, muscle cramps and fatigue.

Purchasing, Testing, and Storing Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Essential oils can help you stay soothed or energized, naturally! Image by Scarletina

You’ve decided to use aromatherapy for comfort and energy during pregnancy, but how do you buy essential oils – and then test and store the oils properly?

How to Write a Birth Plan: Be Prepared for Baby’s Delivery

Birth plans that are concise and comprehensive will outline a mother's wishes for newborn care. Image by fviggiani

Birth plans that specify mom’s wishes for childbirth and newborn care help a pregnant woman and her birthing team prepare for baby’s arrival.

Pregnancy and Birth: Energy and Relief From Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil can improve your comfort level during pregnancy and childbirth - just check with your caregiver first! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Can peppermint essential oil help you during pregnancy? Common uses include aiding digestion, easing congestion, and providing energy during a long labor.

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Kate Middleton Planning Hypnobirthing?

Will Kate Middleton use hypnosis when she gives birth? Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Will Kate Middleton’s exploration of hypnosis for childbirth encourage other moms to explore this method of natural birthing? Only time will tell.

Uses for Lavender Essential Oil During Pregnancy

Aromatherapy can be very beneficial in pregnancy, if you use it carefully. Image by g4hire

Lavender essential oil is widely-used around the world for pregnancy discomforts. Learn how this versatile oil can benefit you, when you’re pregnant.

The Importance of Water During Pregnancy

Are you drinking enough water? Check with your doctor to see if you're hydrated enough. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Hydration is exceptionally important for expectant moms, as well as developing babies – drink your water to help with a healthy pregnancy!

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy: Essential Oils When You’re Pregnant

Aromatherapy can be helpful during pregnancy, just make sure you use only safe oils! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, but some holistic methods can help. What essential oils are safe during pregnancy, and how do you use aromatherapy, anyway?

Baby is Kicking and Moving and Beating Up Mom. What Can Mom Do To Get Comfortable

Changing your diet can help with baby bruisers! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Late in pregnancy, babies can kick pretty hard. First, check with your caregiver, but what can you do if your healthy little one won’t let you rest?

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Scared of Labor Pains? Self-Hypnosis and the Hypnobabies Method Could Help

Are you scared of the pain involved in giving birth? Self-hypnosis can be effective, even eliminating all pain! Original photo by tizwas01, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

If you’re scared of what will happen during childbirth, you’re more likely to experience significant pain – unless you take steps now to prepare yourself with hypnosis.

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