What’s So Great About Home Birth?

Noah relaxes in the tub. Copyright image courtesy of Joanna Boles Whitlow, used with permission. All rights reserved.

A home birth, with a midwife and doula in attendance, can be a very different experience from laboring in a hospital. Here’s one young couple’s story.

5 Tips To Make Labor Easier: From Your Home to Your Hospital Room

How can you make your labor and delivery experience easier? Follow these five simple tips. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Know what to expect before going to labor and delivery – get prepared with these 5 tips, and enjoy your birth experience more when the time comes.

Planning Your Homebirth: What You Should Know About Safety

The number of homebirths is increasing - have you thought through the implications of having a baby at home? Image by Decoded Pregnancy, all rights reserved

A new study shows that planned homebirths can be safe experiences that allows women many options as they welcome new babies into the world.

Bye Bye Ice Chips, Hello Chocolate Shake in Labor!

Need water, food, anything?! Ask your doc if you can have a protein shake - new studies show they're just as safe as those accursed ice chips. Image design by Decoded Pregnancy. Original Image by al lanni. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Great_Sand_Sea_-_Desert.jpg

During labor, you’ll likely be hungry, thirsty, and tired. A protein shake could help; new research shows that the shakes are as safe as ice chips – and much more satisfying.

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Causing Contractions at Home: How Can I Get Labor Started?

It's tough to wait for your baby - if your caregiver gives the OK, try to start things up at home. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Yes, there are real ways to start labor when you’re tired of being pregnant, and ready for baby to come. Just make sure your body is ready to give birth.

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Midwife-Led Care Benefits Mothers and Babies, Study Says

Best prenatal care may be provided by midwives, says a recent study. Photo by grietgriet.

Midwife or physician? Midwife-led care may be more beneficial to the expectant mother during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care, says a recent study.

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Brighten Your Pregnancy with Citrus Oils: Aromatherapy


What are the benefits of using citrus oils during pregnancy? Lime, lemon and orange oil can help pregnant mothers with digestion, muscle cramps and fatigue.

Induced Labor: Does Exposure to Pitocin Increase Your Baby’s Risk for Autism?

Autism rates from 1996 to 2007 skyrocketed. This image shows the amount of U.S. residential children ages 6-17 diagnosed with autism (out of every 1000 children).

A recent study links augmented or induced labor with the later development of autism – what’s causing kids to develop differently after exposure to pitocin?

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How to Write a Birth Plan: Be Prepared for Baby’s Delivery

Birth plans that are concise and comprehensive will outline a mother's wishes for newborn care. Image by fviggiani

Birth plans that specify mom’s wishes for childbirth and newborn care help a pregnant woman and her birthing team prepare for baby’s arrival.

When Should You Cut the Cord? Delayed Umbilical Clamping Benefits

Delayed cord clamping provides many benefits to your baby - even when it's only a few seconds more. Photo by just4you, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Does delaying umbilical cord clamping endanger the mother? Research shows that delay when cutting the cord benefits the baby and doesn’t harm the mom.

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