Causing Contractions at Home: How Can I Get Labor Started?

It's tough to wait for your baby - if your caregiver gives the OK, try to start things up at home. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Yes, there are real ways to start labor when you’re tired of being pregnant, and ready for baby to come. Just make sure your body is ready to give birth.

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When Should You Cut the Cord? Delayed Umbilical Clamping Benefits

Delayed cord clamping provides many benefits to your baby - even when it's only a few seconds more. Photo by just4you, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Does delaying umbilical cord clamping endanger the mother? Research shows that delay when cutting the cord benefits the baby and doesn’t harm the mom.

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No Pain, No Gain: Pain Medication In the Birthing Unit After the Baby

What medication should you take for pain after your baby's born? Ask your caregiver for recommendations. Image by ezran

In the postpartum period – the time immediately after you have your baby – you will be in pain. What medications should you take, and how do you get them?

What is Early Induction and When Should I Avoid it?

You're ready to have your baby - but will the baby benefit from early induction? Image by simmbarb

Early induction takes place before 39 weeks gestational age. There’s a growing trend of inducing women in week 37 and 38 – what are the risks?

Fetal Positioning Makes a Difference: Easy Ways to Reposition For an Easier Birth

Which way is your baby facing? If it's any direction other than OA, you may need to change his position before you go into labor. Image by Gray's Anatomy/Decoded Pregnancy

If your baby’s not in the best position for labor, you can move him through fetal positioning. Exercises, movements, and even the way you sit can help.

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Cesarean Section Rates: C-Section is Major Abdominal Surgery

C-sections can be a life-saving procedure; however, it is often over used. Photo by:

Rates for C-sections, a potentially life-saving procedure, are increasing despite the many risks to both mom and baby.