Epidurals: Does it Hurt to Get an IV in Your Back?

Ready for your epidural? Here's what to expect. Photo of IV catheters by Intropin, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Epidurals are a common and effective form of childbirth pain relief – make sure you know what to expect in advance so you’re ready for the anesthesiologist.

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Pain Tolerance: Know How Much You Can Take, And Have A Plan!

If you know what you're in for, labor won't be as stressful. Photo by hamletnc, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

The pain you experience during labor depends on many factors, including your stress level and personal tolerance. Have a pain management plan just in case.

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Scared of Labor Pains? Self-Hypnosis and the Hypnobabies Method Could Help

Are you scared of the pain involved in giving birth? Self-hypnosis can be effective, even eliminating all pain! Original photo by tizwas01, Image by Decoded Pregnancy

If you’re scared of what will happen during childbirth, you’re more likely to experience significant pain – unless you take steps now to prepare yourself with hypnosis.

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Maternity Hospital Tours: Top 10 Questions to Ask


Not sure what questions to ask when you go on your hospital tour to labor and delivery? These are the top ten questions, from a nurse’s perspective.

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Lamaze Classes – How Lamaze has Reinvented Itself as a Top Method for Childbirth Education

Do you know what your Lamaze class will entail? Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Lamaze classes aren’t just about breathing anymore: This method of childbirth education helps with many other types of comfort techniques as well.

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Hiring a Doula: Benefits of Dedicated Birth Support

A doula offers non-medical support during pregnancy and childbirth - with surprising results. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

How can hiring a doula, a dedicated labor support person, help you during pregnancy and childbirth? The benefits of non-medical support may surprise you.

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Coping With Labor Without Medication: How Hard Is It?

It sounds intimidating, but you can make it through labor without trauma or medication. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

When you commit to having a baby without medication, make sure to plan your natural pain relief methods before you go into labor.

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Your Questions Answered: Is Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Program Right for You?

With the Hypnobabies method, waiting until the last minute and trying to find your happy place during labor won't help. To achieve success through self-hypnosis, you must practice for 5 to 6 weeks before you go into labor. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Whether you’ve used self-hypnosis before, or this is the first time you’ve heard of Hypnobabies, you probably have questions. Let’s answer them together!

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No Pain, No Gain: Pain Medication In the Birthing Unit After the Baby

What medication should you take for pain after your baby's born? Ask your caregiver for recommendations. Image by ezran

In the postpartum period – the time immediately after you have your baby – you will be in pain. What medications should you take, and how do you get them?

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis: Can You Get Pain Relief From Your Mind?

Hypnobabies.com   Childbirth Hypnosis   Classes and Products

Can hypnosis help relieve pain during labor? Hypnobabies childbirth classes can reduce anxiety and intensity of pain while you’re having your baby.

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