Common Pesticides May Increase Autism Risk Near Farms

Is it dangerous to live too close to a farm? Image by Sgarton

New research shows a link between common pesticides and autism in children whose mothers live within one mile of non-organic farms.

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy: Alcohol, Opiates and Meth–Will My Drug Addiction Hurt My Baby?

Get the help you need now, and your baby will thank you later. Image by Decoded Pregnancy, all rights reserved.

Expectant mothers who suffer from drug and/or alcohol dependency can seek treatment for their addiction, benefiting both mother and unborn child.

I Feel Dizzy, Is this Normal? Faintness in Early Pregnancy

Don't ignore dizziness if it's worrying you or if it won't go away. Ask your caregiver about any symptoms that seem not-quite-right. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

It’s normal to feel a little dizzy in early pregnancy, and some women even learn they’re pregnant because of this symptom. Are you feeling lightheaded?

Causing Contractions at Home: How Can I Get Labor Started?

It's tough to wait for your baby - if your caregiver gives the OK, try to start things up at home. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Yes, there are real ways to start labor when you’re tired of being pregnant, and ready for baby to come. Just make sure your body is ready to give birth.

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What Does The Umbilical Cord Connect To? All About the BellyButton

A baby's umbilical cord is more complex than you'd think! Image by Gray's Anatomy.

Ever wanted to know what your bellybutton is for? What happens in the umbilical cord before and after the baby is born? It’s all connected to the placenta.

The Probability of Becoming Pregnant with Twins

Twin Girls : image by Ruth L

Think you might be pregnant with twins? Check out your chances according to the math: your probability of multiple birth increases based on several factors.

Can I Still Be Pregnant if I Had My Period?

Home pregnancy tests are accurate, but a blood test will confirm your pregnancy. Image by viralbus

Your period is late, and then you have a light flow – but something doesn’t seem quite right. Could you be pregnant, even though your monthly cycle started?

Pregnancy and Birth: Energy and Relief From Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil can improve your comfort level during pregnancy and childbirth - just check with your caregiver first! Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Can peppermint essential oil help you during pregnancy? Common uses include aiding digestion, easing congestion, and providing energy during a long labor.

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Swelling During Pregnancy: Dangerous or Normal?

If you're pregnant, you've probably got swollen ankles. Swelling isn't always a reason to worry, but pitting edema is - call your health care provider if you're worried. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience swelling. In most cases, some puffiness is normal, but sometimes it is a sign of a more serious condition called preeclampsia

My Unborn Baby’s Got Hiccups! Pregnant Mom Worries – Is This Normal?

Fetal hiccups are common, especially during the second and third trimesters. Photo by: Havelbaude

Fetal hiccups, or diaphragm spasms in unborn babies, may be disturbing, but they’re a normal part of your active baby’s development as he learns to breathe.

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