How Serious is a Bladder Infection During Pregnancy, and How Did I Get It?


Bladder infections, during pregnancy can have serious consequences. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection, UTI, see your caregiver.

I Feel Dizzy, Is this Normal? Faintness in Early Pregnancy

Don't ignore dizziness if it's worrying you or if it won't go away. Ask your caregiver about any symptoms that seem not-quite-right. Image by Decoded Pregnancy

It’s normal to feel a little dizzy in early pregnancy, and some women even learn they’re pregnant because of this symptom. Are you feeling lightheaded?

Depression in Pregnancy Linked to Depression in Babies Later in Life

img by aophotos.

If you’re depressed while pregnant, your unborn child may grow up to become depressed as well. Seek treatment to help yourself and your baby.

My Unborn Baby’s Got Hiccups! Pregnant Mom Worries – Is This Normal?

Fetal hiccups are common, especially during the second and third trimesters. Photo by: Havelbaude

Fetal hiccups, or diaphragm spasms in unborn babies, may be disturbing, but they’re a normal part of your active baby’s development as he learns to breathe.

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