How Eating Disorders Affect Pregnancy and Birth

What you eat and how you eat is very important when you're pregnant - for the sake of your health and your unborn baby's health. Image by earl 53.

New research shows that eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, during pregnancy can be very unhealthy, both for the mother and to the unborn infant.

Depression in Pregnancy: Social Factors in PostPartum Depression

pregnancy depression

Many women experience postpartum depression, some even starting during pregnancy. How prevalent are the ‘baby blues’ and what causes depressive symptoms in pregnant women?

My Baby is Breech; How Can I Get Her to Turn?

Keep your chin up - baby may raise his too.  Image by earl53

If your baby is head-down, don’t worry: She’ll probably turn on her own. If you want to help, try these at-home techniques for avoiding a breech birth.

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Amniotic Stem Cells For Heart Repair in Congenital Defects

Some babies when born with heart defects need extra support with breathing. Image by Rose State Community College

Could your baby’s own amniotic fluid be key to healing a congenital birth defect in his heart? Research continues in this area, so important to families.

SIDS Clues: Could This Research Reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Losses?

New research suggests that the inner ear maybe the link to SIDS. Image by NASA.

New research links inner ear damage to SIDS – could monitoring for hearing loss in newborns reduce infant deaths?

Gestational Diabetes–If You Have it Once Will You Have It Again?

If you are in a high-risk category for gestational diabetes, test your blood glucose frequently. Image by michaelaw

If you’ve had gestational diabetes before, you’re at a greater risk of developing high blood sugar in subsequent pregnancies. Can lifestyle changes help?

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Antihistamines For Hyperemesis: Risky Medication for Nausea

Babies who are born early often need extra help with breathing, eating, and other daily functions. Photo by:  Jeremykemp

A new study shows antihistamines prescribed for hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy) can increase your risk of adverse outcomes.

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Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Testing in Pregnancy: Will You Be High Risk?


Controversies surrounding testing approaches to gestational diabetes may double the number of high risk pregnancies. Have you had a glucose tolerance test yet?

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High Birth Weight Babies: Racial Risk Factors For Having a Large Baby

Although there are risk factors that can contribute to large babies, sometimes there isn't a reason as to why some babies are born larger. Photo by: Karen Lefebvre

Larger babies are more likely to have blood sugar problems or experience injuries during birth. Are you at risk for having a high birth weight baby?

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Stillbirth Causes and Risk Factors: New Studies Shed Light


New research outlines the various risk factors and causes of stillbirth, as researchers recommend actions to prevent stillbirth in some.