Prenatal Corticosteriods to Delay Labor: Safe For Babies?

Premature babies are often faced with short and/or long term health problems. Image by ceejayoz

Doctors may prescribe prenatal corticosteroids to delay preterm labor; new research shows that multiple doses don’t pose additional harm to the baby.

Wearable Technology During Pregnancy: Using a Doppler to Hear the Heartbeat

Would you like to hear the baby's heartbeat at home? Image by Oddharmonic

Looking for a way to share your baby’s heartbeat with your family, not just at the OB? Dopplers are easy and affordable but remember, they have limitations.

Amniotic Stem Cells For Heart Repair in Congenital Defects

Some babies when born with heart defects need extra support with breathing. Image by Rose State Community College

Could your baby’s own amniotic fluid be key to healing a congenital birth defect in his heart? Research continues in this area, so important to families.

Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy: Don’t Touch That Litter Box!

One way to prevent getting this parasite is by washing your hands with soap and water. Image by Maria Francia & Boris Striepen, University of Georgia.

When you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to do is go near a litter box. Not just because of the smell: Toxoplasmosis is a danger to you and your baby.

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Depression in Pregnancy Linked to Depression in Babies Later in Life

img by aophotos.

If you’re depressed while pregnant, your unborn child may grow up to become depressed as well. Seek treatment to help yourself and your baby.

SIDS Clues: Could This Research Reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Losses?

New research suggests that the inner ear maybe the link to SIDS. Image by NASA.

New research links inner ear damage to SIDS – could monitoring for hearing loss in newborns reduce infant deaths?

Babies in the Womb Anticipate Touch: Cognitive Leap Around 36 Weeks

Life inside the womb teaches babies how to communicate and to survive outside of the womb. Photo by Karen Lefebvre.

By watching infants with 4D ultrasounds over ten weeks, researchers have found that babies in the womb learn to anticipate touch.

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Preparing Your Dog For Baby: Don’t Wait Until You Bring Your Infant Home

With careful preparation, your dog and baby will be fine. Image by Dogperson3d

Your pet may not take kindly to second-place when you bring home a baby. Start preparing your dog for a new family member now, while you’re still pregnant, to ease the transition.

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Sleeping With Your Baby Encourages Breastfeeding: Is Bed-Sharing Safe?

Research has linked co-sleeping to a longer duration of breastfeeding. Image by Karpati Gabor

Research shows breastfeeding dramatically reduces SIDS risks, and now that co-sleeping helps moms nurse their babies longer – but is it safe to share a bed?

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Midwife-Led Care Benefits Mothers and Babies, Study Says

Best prenatal care may be provided by midwives, says a recent study. Photo by grietgriet.

Midwife or physician? Midwife-led care may be more beneficial to the expectant mother during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care, says a recent study.

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