Start Saving for a More Profitable You, Before Baby is Born

Saving money can become addictive - in a good way (public domain)

Saving money is perhaps the most important financial decision you can make as a parent. It’s never too early, and there’s no such thing as too much.

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Best Pregnancy Photos: Tips From Professional Photographers

Short dresses can work for pregnancy photos as long as you have nothing to hide. Photo by Karen Cooper.

To avoid wasting money on a failed shoot and to feel beautiful in your pregnancy photos make sure to use these tips for your first photography session.

Preparing Your Dog For Baby: Don’t Wait Until You Bring Your Infant Home

With careful preparation, your dog and baby will be fine. Image by Dogperson3d

Your pet may not take kindly to second-place when you bring home a baby. Start preparing your dog for a new family member now, while you’re still pregnant, to ease the transition.

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How to Introduce Your Baby to Art from the Womb

Bright colored toys can stimulate a baby's brain. Image by Justyna Furmanczyk.

Get ready now to stimulate your new baby’s mind. Start art appreciation from birth with thoughtful use of color, children’s books and creative play.

Midwife-Led Care Benefits Mothers and Babies, Study Says

Best prenatal care may be provided by midwives, says a recent study. Photo by grietgriet.

Midwife or physician? Midwife-led care may be more beneficial to the expectant mother during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care, says a recent study.

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Maternity and Family Leave: Paid or Unpaid? Plan For Pregnancy

The majority of Americans are not entitled to any paid family leave. Image Credit: Melbia,

The U.S. is one of the few developed countries not to offer paid maternity leave – if your boss won’t pay for your time off after baby, start planning now.