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Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis: Can You Get Pain Relief From Your Mind?

Is Hypnobabies the right pain relief choice for your labor experience? Logo courtesy of Hypnobabies.

Is Hypnobabies the right pain relief choice for your labor experience? Logo courtesy of Hypnobabies.

Childbirth hypnosis is widely used in Europe and is becoming more popular in the United States in order help the laboring mom cope with pain. If mom desires to have a natural birth without the use of pain medications, but is unsure that she will be able to do it, hypnosis may be a great option. People all over the world who have allergies to anesthesia have been able to use Hypnosis in order to avoid the pain of surgery without the side effects of surgical drugs. Hypnosis is simply a reprogramming of the unconscious mind to help mom think about childbirth as a positive process rather than a negative one. Almost every mom has heard horror stories that leads to fear about childbirth. – these fears can only make labor more painful for mom rather than help her cope with the pain that she might experience during labor.

Childbirth Hypnosis for Mom

There are various childbirth hypnosis programs exist that can help you when you’re in labor and before – Hypnobabies is a program that I am most familiar with; it is a wonderful choice for a childbirth hypnosis program. I have known many moms that have used the Hypnobabies program to not only help relax during pregnancy and sleep better before the birth of their baby, but also have experienced no pain at all during labor while using the program. It is important to note that even though you can eliminate pain using the Hypnobabies program, you never become unconscious or lose a sense of what is going on throughout your labor and birth. You’re fully in control and aware of what is going on around you while in a hypnotic state, but you are completely relaxed and able to enjoy birth of your baby.

Hypnobabies: How To Participate

There are two ways to participate in the Hypnobabies program.  You can take a live childbirth education class where a trained instructor will work with you and your partner, as well as several other couples, to begin to retrain your brain and experience the birthing experience in a whole new light. If you do not have an Hypnobabies instructor local to your area, you can purchase a full set of CDs or MP3s from the Hypnobabies website, and learn the method at your own pace. Decoded Pregnancy interviewed Carole Thorpe, a Hypnobabies representative, who explained in detail how to best make a choice in using the program. We asked, about the difference between taking a live class, and purchasing the “Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers? – specifically asking whether one option is more beneficial than the other. Carole responded:
The Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis course hypnosis tools and techniques are the same whether learned in a group class led by an instructor, or learned through self-study with our Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers. That said, there are benefits to each depending on an expectant mother’s circumstances. Being in a 6-week, live class series benefits the mother in that all the hypnosis techniques are taught by the instructor who reads a teaching script each week in class. Then the mother practices a reinforcing script 3 times that week with her Birth Partner. The group class experience helps the Birth Partners to learn the program along with the Hypno-mom, and how to assist her during childbirth during a birth rehearsal in class 6. Also in class 6, we teach about postpartum care for mom and baby, and an overview of breastfeeding.
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  1. Back in the mid-70’s when I was pregnant, my husband used hypnosis to prepare in me a calm mind when the time came to give birth. We were novices but it worked so well the student nurses came in to observe once they discovered hypnosis was involved. We had a very good experience with no complications. I highly recommend hynosis for childbirth.

  2. Keep your eyes closed throughout the entire
    process. At little confusedand bewildered,
    he remembered his teacher’s last words, ‘Never argue with your mind.
    You will find a rhythm, and count to 4, to yourself, with every inhalation and exhalation.


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