Kate Middleton Planning Hypnobirthing?

Will Kate Middleton use hypnosis when she gives birth? Image by Decoded Pregnancy

Will Kate Middleton use hypnosis for relaxation when she gives birth? Image by Decoded Pregnancy

According to the New York Daily News, Kate Middleton is researching drug-free pain management techniques and is considering including a hypnobirthing in her birth plan. Gaining popularity in the United States, hypnobirthing is an even more common pain relief method in European countries. For moms that want a medication-free birth, or who have allergies to pain medications, a hypnobirthing program can be a great option.

Mindset has so much to do with the childbirth process. In our medicalized society, we are often trained to think that childbirth is going to be difficult, and painful. For the most part hypnobirthing programs set out to change that mindset. Often, what you think about birth really be a self-fulfilling prophecy; hypnobirthing may be able to change all that negativity, and put you in a positive frame of mind.

There are many options available when it comes to hypnobirthing programs and each program may fit your needs differently. Do plenty of research before choosing a program, to insure that it may be a right option for your birth.

HypnoBirthing: What are my Options?

Here is a list of some hypno-birthing methods to consider if you would like to look into this form of natural childbirth for your own birth plan.

  • The Mongan Method – The focus of this program is to trust birth and release fear. It helps birthing mom to realize that pain does not have to accompany birth. Relaxation is the key to a pain-free birth and the Mongan method focuses on changing Mom’s mind about the way that she thinks about birth.
  • Hypnobabies – Similar thought to the method above, but boasting that they are not a listen-only program but a 6 week complete childbirth education course. This program claims to give mom a “eyes-open childbirth hypnosis” where mom can walk, talk, and change positions.
  • Fresh Start Birth Hypnosis Program – With breathing, relaxation, and audio downloads; this program offers a free trial.
  • Work with a Hypnotherapist – Get personal attention by finding a hypnotherapist in your area that specifically will help prepare you to use hypnotherapy during your birth. This is the most one on one option; you can ask the therapist questions and possibly even have them accompany you during childbirth.
  • Natal Hypnotherapy – Quite possibly the program that Kate Middleton is exploring, this is a European award-winning program that uses CDs.
  • LeClaire Method – This program provides audio tracks and a book for self-hypnotic training.

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Although no method can promise a pain-free birth, many moms using hypnobirthing methods do report that they have experienced a pain-free birth, or a birth with limited pain. Childbirth hypnosis methods help mom-to-be to be able to relax and think of birth in a positive manner instead a negative one that we are so often used to hearing takes place during labor. In order to lower anxiety and have the benefit of not having to deal with the side effects of pain medications, mom and baby have a good chance of having a gentle, stress-free birth experience.

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Before choosing any hypnosis practitioner or program, investigate fully: Ask for references and referrals, and speak with your caregiver.


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