Week by Week Baby Development Pregnancy Apps For Your Smartphone

Use your phone to track the development of your baby. Image by digitpedia

Use your phone to track the development of your baby. Image by digitpedia

Expectant mothers want to know everything that is happening during their pregnancy. They want to know about their baby’s developments, when they can expect to feel that first kick and how big they should look – not to mention when the baby’s heart will start beating, and how long until they can find out whether they’re carrying a boy or a girl. While there are many sources for this information, from books to websites, pregnant moms are now turning to week-by-week pregnancy phone apps for smartphones.

What Are the Week by Week Pregnancy Apps?

Week by week smartphone apps go through a brief overview of the development for the baby’s gestational age, and include any interesting things that happen that week (fingernails forming, brain development, and such) and then cover a little about you – such as common symptoms and changes in your body.

Baby Center’s My Pregnancy Today app goes further than many others by offering a day by day account. It offers snippets of advice to help deal with some common early pregnancy symptoms and deal with the discomfort later on. There are also fun cartoons, often at the end of the week. If you prefer pictures, there are development images the experts created, to show how your baby looks in the womb.

iPregnancy was named as Parent Magazine’s best pregnancy app in 2009 due to its range of features – one of those is the week by week detail of your growing baby. It includes the average length and weight off the baby as each week passes. There are also tips to help prepare for the delivery date, and a bar to show a countdown to your due date.

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