Purchasing, Testing, and Storing Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Essential oils can help you stay soothed or energized, naturally! Image by Scarletina

Essential oils can help you stay soothed or energized, naturally! Image by Scarletina

If you’re planning to use essential oils during pregnancy and childbirth, be careful: Some essential oils are dangerous during this delicate time – and others will lose their effectiveness if you don’t store them properly!

You don’t want to depend on an essential oil to soothe you during labor, only to find that it’s no more than a pretty smell!

Essential Oils: How Expensive Are They?

Since essential oils are very volatile, and concentrated extractions of the plants, it is important to take great care in where you purchase your oils. Over the years I have used many different oils ranging from the least expensive to more expensive; I have found a significant difference in the more expensive oils – as you might expect, you get what you pay for for the most part.

If you purchase from a reputable company, essential oils may cost a little bit more than those that you might find in the grocery store or health food store, but the oils will be much more effective when used medicinally and therapeutically.

How Much Do Essential Oils Cost?

I have found that skimping on the budget when it comes to oils is a waste of money. 100% Pure, unadulterated therapeutic oils are a must when using them for medicinal purposes; this is no exception during pregnancy, birth, or with use on or around baby.

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Depending on the extraction, oils will have all sorts of prices ranges. An oil that is easier to extract from an abundant herb, such as peppermint, for example, will cost much less than the ancient oil Myrrh, which comes from an aromatic tree bark. It takes much more Myrrh bark to extract the Myrrh oil than it does peppermint leaves to create peppermint oil, thus making Myrrh more expensive.

Cheaper Essential Oils: OK To Use?

Generally, the only time when I believe it would be OK to use cheaper oils would be when crafting homemade cleaning products, but, even then it is important to remember that the body will absorb toxins even through the aromas. During pregnancy, make sure you’re using pure oils, even if you’re just going to scrub the floor with them. When you are carrying another little one, it is more important than ever to minimize the use of anything that might be toxic as much as possible.

Test Essential Oils Before You Use During Pregnancy!

If you are unsure about the quality of your essential oils, do an ink blot test to see whether the oils have been diluted in a carrier oil of any sort. Simply squeeze a drop of the essential oil on a clean piece of paper, and watch. If the oil leaves a greasy residue behind on the paper, you know that it has been diluted in a carrier oil and is not the potency that you desire for a therapeutic grade oil. Keep in mind this test does not assess the purity of the oil, and even if it passes the test, make sure the oil also comes from an 100% pure source.

Storing Essential Oils for Best Use

Essential oils tend to have a very delicate chemical make-up. In order to prevent rancidity, spoilage, or simply loss of effectiveness, store the oils in an opaque bottle (to avoid the sun’s rays) placed in a cool dry place. If you keep an essential oil for a very long time they can go rancid, so if you’ve had your essential oils for over a year, it’s probably time to throw them out and buy new bottles for use during pregnancy and birth – or on your new baby.

Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

You can use essential oils during pregnancy and childbirth – just make sure you choose carefully, and talk with your health care provider before making any changes to your environment when you’re pregnant. Not all aromatherapy is safe for pregnant women or their developing babies, but soothing lavender and invigorating peppermint essential oils, for example, can make your pregnancy more comfortable. Store them properly, and only use pure and high-quality oils, to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for.


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