U.S. Tops the Charts with Stigma Against Breastfeeding

Policy should give babies the best start in life. Image by anita peppers.

There’s a social stigma against breastfeeding in the United States, which ranks lowest of the nations surveyed by Save the Children for nursing policies.

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Top Five Breastfeeding Concerns: Get Ready to Nurse Your Baby

Check for the wide-open mouth that means your baby is latched-on properly.  Image by Petr Kratochvil

Breastfeeding is a natural activity, but doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most new moms have some questions, like: ‘Is my baby getting enough milk?’

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Sleeping With Your Baby Encourages Breastfeeding: Is Bed-Sharing Safe?

Research has linked co-sleeping to a longer duration of breastfeeding. Image by Karpati Gabor

Research shows breastfeeding dramatically reduces SIDS risks, and now that co-sleeping helps moms nurse their babies longer – but is it safe to share a bed?

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