Bye Bye Ice Chips, Hello Chocolate Shake in Labor!

Need water, food, anything?! Ask your doc if you can have a protein shake - new studies show they're just as safe as those accursed ice chips. Image design by Decoded Pregnancy. Original Image by al lanni.

During labor, you’ll likely be hungry, thirsty, and tired. A protein shake could help; new research shows that the shakes are as safe as ice chips – and much more satisfying.

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Early Labor Signs: How Do You Know When You’ve Started Early First Stage Labor?

early labor signs

Early labor signs may not be immediately obvious. When you know what to look for, it’s easier to tell when you’re in the first stages of having your baby.

Tips for Managing Early Labor: Before Active Labor Starts

Showers during labor can be soothing to a pregnant mom. Image by Tallia22

Expectant moms in early labor can be uncomfortable and worried. Partners, doulas, and family members can help by distracting her, and keeping her comfortable.

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