Technology and Documenting Pregnancies: Journal Apps for Smartphones

Share your pregnancy experience with your children. Image by San José Library

Share your pregnancy experience with your children. Image by San José Library

Pregnancy Journal Apps: Limitations

All technology has limitations. The biggest downfall of some of these apps is that there is no way to store the data without the app; you can’t convert the information into a computerized journal to keep for the future. The point of the journal is to have something to look back over and share your experience with your child when he/she is over but you have to keep the app on your phone – and hope you have the same phone years from now when you want to look back on your pregnancy!

Sprout Pregnancy Journal allows users the ability to convert their app journal into a real book at a small price, which is a good feature for moms who used the journal throughout their pregnancy. The cost depends on the size and style of book; it is also available in PDF format, but not for free.

Another limitation of pregnancy journals in general is that you need to remember to go into the journal and track feelings and symptoms. It is very easy to forget, and most of the apps don’t offer a reminder and “pregnancy brain” tends to get in the way of any scheduled task. To overcome this, just put the journal on the front page of your apps list, so you will see it every time you go in – and hopefully, remember to make an entry now and then. 

Documenting Your Pregnancy with Technology

Technology offers a quick way to document your pregnancy. The apps are always on your phone – and you’re more likely to have your phone with you than a piece of paper, much less a fancy hardcover pregnancy book. You can document your feelings, sensations or symptoms as they happen instead of hoping you remember when you get home – the problem is remembering that the app is there! Once you have a routine, pregnancy journal apps are easy to use – but go through a few of them to test them out, and to find out if the app will sync with your computer, and whether you can store the journal after pregnancy without having to keep the app.

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